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Whether through your words, your actions, or your finances, your political contributions to my political campaign for election to the District 10 House seat help bring our ideas forward and enhance the future of our communities.

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"Governor Dave Freudenthal says about Gaylan...."

"Gaylan's record of military and law enforcement service reflects the kind of values Laramie County needs in the Legislature. Someone who stands up for what is right, is not controlled by a political party, is a leader and will work hard to make sure your voice is heard."


Proudly Serving Cheyenne, Burns, Pine Bluffs, Carpenter, Albin,
Hillsdale, Egbert, and the Meriden area of Goshen County.



Who I am:

I attended Southern Illinois University fulltime at its satellite location on F.E. Warren AFB, studying Industrial Technology. Earned my
Associates Degree in Criminal Justice. I have been a Resource Protection Program Manager. Worked, managed and delegated key responsibilities throughout my careers. Attended numerous Leadership Schools. Developed the understanding of follow-up which means check your work until completion.  Attended an FBI course on Crisis Intervention.  I have instructed courses at the Wyoming Law Enforcement Academy. All of my life experiences give me a unique perspective. I have worked with people on all levels. I believe I have the courage to listen to ideas I don't agree with and find common ground within those ideas.  Twenty-one years in the United States Air Force and eighteen years as a Wyoming State Trooper taught me focus.  Leadership schools;  an Air Force Recruiter and the Chief of Police on Gila Bend Air Force Auxiliary Field in Arizona, a Wyoming State Trooper: On My Honor I will do my best.

I love this state which I call home and believe we can add a perspective which can make it even better.  I owe the state and its' people for giving me opportunities I may not have been given in other places.  I love the dedication and pride I see in the eyes of our people when they talk about living in Wyoming. These people trusted me as an Air Force member and Wyoming State Trooper.  Now I want to show their trust was warranted by being an accountable Representative in the State Legislature. I would like to give as much back as a return on investment as I can. I do not want higher taxes. I’d like to see if we can lower our taxes, especially for our seniors.


Gaylan D. Wright- Political Campaign
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