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Whether through your words, your actions, or your finances, your political contributions to my political campaign for election to the District 10 House seat help bring our ideas forward and enhance the future of our communities.

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Join the growing flood of believers who want a more just and free Wyoming and add your endorsement to the list of important citizens behind me in my political campaign election efforts. District 10 deserves a better future.

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Learn about the political campaign of Gaylan D. Wright Sr. for Cheyenne, Wyoming, District 10 House seat and add your support. Once I'm elected to be your legislator, I'll devote myself to making a daily contribution to the individual and community well-being of our district. By sharing common values, we increase the opportunities for everyone in our community. Once elected, I will seek out and establish a diverse group of people with a wide range of skills and expertise to help make a visible difference in your life and in the lives of those you care about most. I will not stand on the sidelines will remain engaged in our community.

Today 06/30/2014, wasn't an eye opener because just as I thought, education is a dominant issue. It would seem to be second nature but it hasn't been. Our dedicated and responsible educators are the best sources for addressing our current systems. I spoke to LCSD#1 educators and their ideas and concerns are mines. We have lots of work to do in making our planning processes better and more practical. I'm sure LCSD#2's issues are similar. I'll represent their concerns equally. We must remember our futures are riding on the attention we pay to our planning for the future. Our children's education must be at the forefront of any new ideas. We must command ourselves to make it better. This issue effects everyone that has, will have, or have had children go through our educational systems. Our futures will be in their hands.

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